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Kiss Me Like You Want It by Chris Karabas (BMI)
Baby I’ve got something that I want to say to you
Girl I know that you love me little darlin’ and I love you too When I come home in the evening I’m burning up inside with a feeling

Kiss me baby, but close your eyes please.
You’ve got the power to hypnotize me.
So tonight, put something extra on it.
Don’t kiss me like you love me... kiss me like you want it. ————————
Girl I know that sometimes life gets in the way
It’s all work work work work work and no time to play You draw the curtain, I’lll pour the wine; together we’ll make it feel the first time
I pull you close. I put my hands around your little hips. In the dark I can see the sparks flying off our lips
I feel so lucky that you’re the one
when cupid shot me .. he used a gun.