Karabas is equally comfortable sharing the stage with legends like The Marshall Tucker Band, or current country stars like Jerrod Niemann.  With enough energy to fill the biggest arenas, and the intimacy to satisfy a small club audience, Karabas has a solid repertoire that he delivers with high energy spontaneity.  "Chris always makes a set list....but he never follows it" says his band.  He'll read the room and adjust accordingly.  All of his songs are "works in progress" and he'll often turn up the energy on his ballads if the energy of the crowd is calling for it.  The band takes no breaks. "A break from what?" Karabas says.   "I like to keep the energy going all night"

There's more to country music than trucks and beer, and Chris Karabas writes about it in poetic fashion. A great songwriter, and one that Music Row should pay close attention too ”

— Maverick Magazine

Life notes

Chris Karabas belongs to a category, of artists, breathing life into the "Post Bro Country" era".
His music speaks to a variety of audiences young and old. and his high energy, sometimes marathon sets lasting over 3 hours, have earned him a loyal following.
"Nobody ever walks into a party and says "Lets take a break"... why would anyone want to  do that on stage?"

Born in Chicago, Chris grew up ,around his family's restaurant/bar where he was exposed to a variety of live music but it was Country Music that resonated with him the most. 
Upon finishing film school he moved to Nashville. With his guitar, a borrowed car,  and his musical influences:  (Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Bruce Springsteen and Elvis.) Chris left Chicago for Music Row. " 
Within a year he caught the attention of a label and was signed.  Ultimately the deal lead to aa dead end.  "Looking back, I wasn't good enough yet." Karabas admits.  I was in my 20s and it's hard to write about life when you haven't lived much of it."

He moved back to Chicago and took a job as an assistant film editor and kept the music fires burning on the side;  playing the major clubs in Chicago with his band The Lucky Jackson Band who reached regional, success based on the the energy they brought to the live shows.  They soon became the "go to" for venues like House Of Blues,  as a reliable opener who would bring a crowd and warm 'em up.

Recently his focus has shifted to his solo efforts. Pursuing his songwriting and publishing, while releasing his own artist material.  He split his time between Chicago and his "creative home" Nashville.

While pitching demos for Nashville country artists, Chris was encouraged by several publishers to "Go back and cut these songs for yourself...you have something here"   With that advice he's released his first single from his upcoming album "Warehouse Full Of Wishes"  
"I wrote it in 15 minutes and cut it in 2 hours  That's how I like to work. You don't capture lightning in a bottle gradually... you do it fast.  I think the longer you spend overdubbing and mixing, the further away you get from the essence of the song...and, for me, it's all about the song."


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Karabas Releases "Warehouse Full Of Wishes" ahead of album deut
21st Century Media


Chris' New Single "Warehouse Full Of Wishes"
now available on itunes and other digital outlets.

Chris' New Single "Warehouse Full Of Wishes" now available on itunes and other digital outlets.