There's more to country music than trucks and beer, and Karabas writes about it in poetic fashion.A great songwriter, and one that Music Row should pay close attention too ”

— Maverick Magazine

Karabas, a Chicago native, made his way to Nashville in the 90s as singer/songwriter.  With no official representation, he was discovered by top producer, Chuck Howard (Hank Jr, Leanne Rymes, John Barry) and was signed to his Publishing company.  After a brief stint with an Indy label, Karabas returned to Chicago.  "I knew I wasn't good enough yet." Karabas recalls.  I knew I was a really good live performer, but in my heart I knew I didn't have enough life experience to write songs that had the depth that I admired from my heroes like Kristofferson and Springsteen, so I came home to start that journey and started a family."   That's when my writing took on some meaning.   Moving away from Nashville put my focus back on writing, rather than getting signed to a record deal. 

"And now, with my collaboration with Eddie Bayers I'm really finding my own voice as a writer, Everything is falling into place logistically.  I have a great producer... Nashville is still my creative hub, and I get to live in Chicago which gives me the opportunity to play in real legit country venues like Joe's, Bub City, and Carol's.  Having venues of that caliber is important because  it gives me a place to try out original music.

Karabas is equally comfortable sharing the stage with legends like The Marshall Tucker Band, or current country stars like Jerrod Niemann, or the legendary "Whiskey Jam" songwriters' night .With enough energy to fill the biggest arenas, and the intimacy to satisfy a small club audience, Karabas has a solid repertoire that he delivers with high energy spontaneity.  "Chris always makes a set list....but he never follows it" says his band.  He'll read the room and adjust accordingly.  All of his songs are "works in progress" and he'll often turn up the energy on his ballads if the energy of the crowd is calling for it.  The band takes no breaks. "A break from what?" Karabas says.   "Playing on music IS the break"

Karabas teams up with CMA legend Eddie Bayers

Eddie Bayers has partnered with Chris to be his producer/plugger.  "I was always confident in the quality of my songs, but was struggling with the production." Chris says.  "I started to chase the style I was hearing on radio, and dug myself into a creative rut."  One day I got a call from Eddie, who had played on some of my demos and he said "That stuff you have been doing... it's coming back in style... don't change a thing.. let's harness it.. it's time."   Chris recalls, it gave new life to my writing career... Eddie's confidence, in me ,gave me new focus on doing what I do...not mimicking what the other guys are doing.  It's been a great collaboration.  Eddie's history in the business is incredible (15x CMA Musician Of The Year, Country Music Hall Of Fame, Grand Ole Opry Music Director) . but when you work with a person who is so genuine, and kind... well that is inspiring on a whole other level."  We've been working out of Loud Studios in Nashville and doing a lot of remote stuff.  With Covid easing up, I'm looking forward to a lot more face to face time with Eddie... he's an incredible talent, mentor, and above all, a great person."

Chris was lucky to grab session time with Jim "Moose" Brown a few days before heading off to tour with Bob Seeger

Chris and Eddie In The Studio

Chris with Brent Mason

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