New Pair Of Jeans
By Chris Karabas (BMI) 847.778.7625
Hey Mr. “Catalog Hipster” you ain’t foolin’ no one.
I don’t buy the line your jeans are sellin’ with the price tag still on There aint no shame in breaking them in the old fashioned way.
You can’t buy Cool off the shelf, and you can’t build Rome in a day.

There’s something suspicious about your new pair of jeans.
The color is already faded ; got matchin’ holes in the knees.
Why are you in such a hurry to get from point A to point Z?
I’m sorry, but I’m just not impressed with your new pair of jeans.

This pair that I’m wearing; they’ve got a story to tell
We’ve been through so much together; we both look a little like hell. I’ll bet Kristoferson and Willie never bought ‘em that way
Every hole you’ve got in ‘em is like a lie on your resume
I’m sorry but I’m just not impressed.
You’d be better off if you bought a dress
Well i’m sorry but I’m just not impressed with your: Brand new, expensive, slightly offensive, old lookin’ brand new pair of jeans