The Woman You've Become by Chris Karabas (BMI) 847.778.7625
The mirror is telling lies that you've never heard before.
Don't you know that wrinkles and gray are time's only way of keeping score?
And you ask me if something's wrong. You can see it every time I look at you.
Well you know I ain't much for talking, but I think it's time that I told the truth.
I've fallen in love again. With another woman. Although I swear that when I met you girl; you would be the only one.
And though I miss who we were when we were young and our love was wild and strong.
i've fallen in love again; with the woman you've become.
Lately babe it takes forever to leave the house when I take you out at night.
You paint your toes and change your clothes at least a dozen times and you're still not satisfied.
Cuz you see every little flaw; but I just see the truth. And the truth is baby, there's nothing more beautiful than you.