1. Comin' home


Comin’ Home by Chris Karabas BMI chris@chriskarabas.com 847.778.7625
The Road’s Wide Open But it’s a prison too.
Cuz all the miles are like steel bars that are keeping me from you.
I’ve been gone too long now this time. Little darlin’ that’s a fact.
So tonight when I get home I’ll take you in my arms and never look back.
Put some ice and drinks in the cooler. String the lights up in the yard.
Tell the boys “bring the bass and the drums” I’ll grab my guitar
Call the family friends and neighbors let’s turn it up as loud as it will go.
Yeah tonight you’re my saviors, cuz there ain’t nothing quite like coming home.
Sometimes life is like a runaway train it moves so fast you can fall off track.
There ain’t no shame in losing your way if you find your way back
And I believe in redemption and the power of a guiding hand And tonight I feel strong and I can go longer than an
hourglass with a truck load of sand.